Making a Difference: Earth Month

As Earth Month comes to a close, we want to thank you for your commitment to making a difference. Your support helps sustain businesses like The Healthy Grocer which focus on sustainability. We want to leave the planet in better shape than we inherited it. The Healthy Grocer strives to support our local farmers, their families, the communities, and the soils of which they churn. Understanding the influence that we have on the wellness of all, through the products and organizations we support is the core foundation of The Healthy Grocer Team. Down to the microscopic organisms and constituents of our farm lands, to the regenerative missions of enlightened companies with a heart, we take a clos

DIY Recipe: Herbal Vinegars

Having herbal vinegar on hand allows us to infuse our favorite herbs into our everyday meals in a quick + tasty way. They add a medicinal kick to salad dressings, or on grain dishes and greens, or are delicious mixed with sparkling water for a drink called a “shrub.” One of the very reasons we made our Cider Vinegar Bitters was inspired by the traditional use of apple cider vinegar as a way to take and use herbs. Apple cider vinegar itself has long been used to support digestion, including the occasional bout of heartburn- which seemed to provide a perfect match for bitters roots and herbs. * But it doesn't stop there when it comes to making medicinal vinegar. There’s the traditional recipe

DIY: Anti-Aging / Dry Skin Facial Oil

Plus, stay tuned for Sarah's Clarifying Facial Oil for Acne Prone Skin in May! Ingredients: 2 oz Argan, Sesame Seed or Jojoba Oil 4 Drops Frankincense Essential Oil 4 Drops Lavender Essential Oil 4 Drops Rose Absolute Essential Oil Directions: Mix all ingredients in a 2 oz amber dropper bottle allowing room for dropper. Shake well. Warm a few drops on your hands and pat onto face and neck.

Healthy Ambassador of the Month: April 2019 Announced

Congratulations to our Healthy Ambassador of the Month, Keri Louise Feldman! Age: 46 years young City: Camp Hill, PA Exercise Tip: Do only what brings you joy! Don’t force yourself into exercise choices that don’t make you happy. Just move your body everyday in a way that feels good for you! Meal/Food Tip: Eat seasonal foods, as local as possible. Sign up for a local CSA/Farm Share. It is like a big surprise present every week! It is just as easy to hit one of the many local farm stands or farmers markets as it is to head to your big chain grocery store. Avoid diet fads and just eat whole, clean foods! Must Have Daily Snack: I don’t have a daily snack that I go to but I must have a mug of h

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