Christmas Hours

The Healthy Grocer will close at 6pm on Tuesday, December 24th and will be closed on Wednesday, December 25th in observance of Christmas Day. We will reopen on Thursday, December 26th at 8 A.M.

Glass Bottled Milk Pales to Noluma. PackagingGlass bottled milk has presented a great tasting milk.

Author: Philip Lehman, Swiss Villa Nostalgia calls for the glass bottled milk. And we have agreed it tastes better in glass. The plastic flavor leached out into the milk, ruin the best flavor. But we have not heard too much about the Vitamin A degradation in the fluid due to the light damage. That applies to both the glass and the plastic milk bottles! And Vitamin B2 along with niacin runs lower and lower as the milk sets on the shelf.  Light damage is real. Besides compromised nutrients in light damaged milk comes a lesser quality taste. The vitamin activation by light then affects the fats and proteins. Older Milk Might Taste Fresher? One study showed that milk kept in the dark pleased th

Top 5 Reasons Why Gift Cards Rock

Gift cards are the best, easiest gift. It gives the recipient the freedom of choice to buy what they want. Some people shy away from giving gift cards, scared of being perceived as having an inner Scrooge. However, let talk about why the amount shouldn't count. Top 5 Reasons to Give Gift Cards Gift cards are a GREAT last minute gift. Are you the last minute shopper? Gift cards are your solution. Whether it's a random act of kindness you want to acknowledge, or it's an unexpected gift from a friend, co-worker, or neighbor, gift cards are great to have as a back-up gift. Gift cards are the eco-friendly choice. Stop filling the landfill with unwanted gifts. Give the gift of choice. Plus, The He

Recipe: Herbal Spiced Mulled Wine

by Aisling Badger, Urban Moonshine ’Tis the season for all things cozy. The holidays offer an excuse to indulge a little, as we should during these dark days of winter. Treating yourself is one of the many pleasures of life that make it sweet and joyful. As herbalists, these are the occasions we get to infuse traditions with our favorite herbs. During this season, nothing beats cozying up by the fireplace with a warm mug of something soothing to the nervous system and mood, and even better when enjoyed with loved ones.* Mulled Wine is a traditional holiday beverage made with red wine and mulling spices. Guaranteed to warm you from the inside out, it’s the perfect addition to your plant-inspi

The A2A2 Milk Difference: What Are the Reasons for Lactose Intolerance?

Author: Philip Lehman We hear it over and over. “Struggling with Irritable Bowel Syndrome”.  “I have lactose intolerance”. “I use milk substitute for my child”. Milk allergy seems to be a problem. And it is.  But how did our forefathers live with drinking milk? They never saw the dairy cases in supermarkets filled with pseudo milk alternatives. Names of milk substitute choices such as oat milk, hemp milk, cashew milk, and almond milk did not exist. But do these milks really hold similar value to real milk? Could an infant live and grow one of these so called milks? Or perhaps this setting presents a not-so-long future health disaster for humanity?  Or what about A2 milk that calls consumers

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