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Every year when August rolls around, our staff gets really excited for the abundance of falls crops - apples, pears, persimmons, winter squash, cider, and more. We geek out at the news from local and regional farmers and distributors. We plan how to display, pair, and create recipes to get our community involved in switching from a summer diet rich in watery, sweet foods, to creamy, earthy root vegetables. This year is no different. The cider finally arrived. Persimmons is on the list. Squash is starting to come into the store. We are all looking forward to soup season. We know that eating seasonally and locally as much as possible helps us maintain optimal health and supports the environmen

Produce Market News

Raging fires on the West Coast are ravaging communities. While we have seen some influence on our supply chain, we are now seeing greater impacts this week. Lack of sun due to smoke-filled skies, ash falling on crops, poor air quality, the fires themselves, and other factors are impacting farms, warehouses, farm workers, and the trucking industry. Our friends at Four Seasons Produce share: "ALERT! Here is what growers are warning us about for the rest of September and into October: • Severe shortages on Strawberries and weaker quality • Lighter color and delayed harvest on many Apple varieties • Quality issues from heat stress on many row crop Vegetables • Delays in packing and harvests due

Organic Diet Study on Glyphosate

Study Summary New study shows levels of glyphosate (aka Roundup) in families’ bodies drop dramatically after one week of eating organic A new peer-reviewed study found that levels of the pesticide glyphosate in participants’ bodies dropped an average of 70% after six days on an organic diet. Glyphosate is the main chemical ingredient in Bayer’s (BAYRY) Roundup®, the world’s most widely used pesticide. The study, published in Environmental Research, is part of a comprehensive scientific analysis showing that an organic diet rapidly and dramatically reduces exposure to toxic pesticides, including glyphosate, organophosphates, pyrethroids, neonicotinoids and 2,4-D. This is the first study to l

Produce Market News

If you have seen photos of the West Coast lately, you would have seen the red skies. California, Oregon, and Washington have been dealing with poor air quality, and due to the fires and an extreme heat wave, power outages and crop damage. Our friends at Four Seasons Produce report " Truck drivers do have some challenges in navigating into certain regions, and others are less willing to load near wildfire-impacted areas. Due to this, freight rates are up." We want to take a moment to thank the staff and students at Dickinson College's Farm. The local 80-acre organic farm has produced the most amazing abundant, beautiful, and tasty produce. We have been fortunate to be buying from them almost

Closed on Labor Day

We Will Be Closed on Monday, Sept. 7th for Labor Day. We wish all of you a safe and healthy holiday!

How to Overcome Cooking Fatigue

Article after article is talking about the increase in home cooking during Covid-19. For some, this has been a wonderful opportunity to try out a long list of recipes bookmarked in your browser and saved on social media. For others, the task of cooking has been daunting. Food is a universal pleasure. The tastes, smells, and experience surrounding food drive humans (and have for thousands of years) to create new methods, use new ingredients, and continue to learn and experiment with food. However, modern life has spoiled us with food made fast and conveniently, by others. Enter, Covid-19. Now, the joy or the resolve to cook has worn off for many due to boredom. Research is showing with people

Produce Market News

Weather in Pennsylvania is cooling off as we head into Autumn. Fall crops are being grown while summer crops like tomatoes and melons are having their final hurrah. As this transition happens, we will see produce that relies on warmer temperatures come from California and Florida, along with other temperate climates across the globe. As we mentioned last week, a wide variety of environmental factors contribute to where produce comes from and fluctuations in the marketplace of availability and cost. The fires in California are creating incredible challenges for many farmers and produce pickers. We continue to order as much locally as the season permits. Thanks to our friends at Four Seasons P

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