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Life just got easier! We are so happy to share our new Subscription program! Less work for you and incredibly convenient. Simple place your subscription order and each week pick up your produce, milk and egg order, or pick up your immune supportive supplements monthly. Order your Produce Subscription by Wednesday at noon and pick-up your order every Friday or Saturday. Order your Supplements by the 29th of the month and pick up your order every month on the 1st. Or have them delivered right to your doorstep. When checking out, simply click the Delivery option. Free delivery and 10% off all top tier Produce and Wellness Subscriptions ($50 Produce/week and $100/month Wellness packages). Order

Ashmeade Kernel Apples

We love heirloom produce. The food chain has lost 75% of it's genetic diversity. Precious old seeds like the Ashmeads Kernel provides us with not only a time capsule, but our purchases help farmers continue to grow and care for these delicate apple trees. Plus, they are so funky that they are absolutely Instagram worthy. Orange Pippin shares, "An old nondescript green russeted apple, originating in the 1700s. The appearance is, let's be honest, not especially attractive. Ashmeads Kernel is lumpy, mis-shapen, and rather small. Yet appearances can be deceiving. Ashmeads Kernel has remained popular for well over 2 centuries, and with good reason: it has a distinctive flavour which is quite diff

Take Out & Shop

Life just got more interesting, more fun, and more interesting. Say hello to Take-Out & Shop! We are delighted to partner with local restaurants to offer clean/healthy meals for you to pick-up while you shop every Friday. Each week a partnering restaurant will be featured. For the remainder of October & November, we are happy to partner with Yak N Yeti The Vegetable Hunter. How? 1. Order on the featured restaurant's website by 5pm Thursday evening. 2. Pick-up your order at The Healthy Grocer Friday between 4-6pm. Order Yak 'n Yeti at Order The Vegetable Hunter at Hooray for yummy eats that support our

Produce Market News

Almost every Wednesday we go to the Carlisle Farmers Market to get a feel for what local produce is available or to pick up orders from our local farmers. Red wagon in hand, we weaved our way to the Dickinson College's Organic Farm booth. The students running the weekly tent were excited that 40 pounds of their broccoli was headed to The Healthy Grocer. We were excited to! Broccoli has been in high demand with poor yields due to heat waves in California (where it usually comes from around this time of year). We happen to be fortunate in south central Pennsylvania as the cool weather here gave us a nice healthy yield of broccoli (and I am talking about beautiful heads of broccoli) right when

Produce Market News

This week we heard that mangoes are indeed out of stock so we took a peek at what else we could bring in. Red Pears, local Pawpaws, Honeycrisp Apples, Kiwi Berries, and next week...Persimmons! As each season approaches, it's such a gift to see what is coming up and how we can bring our community seasonal favorites. Here is what else is going on in the organic produce marketplace (courtesy of Four Seasons Produce) and reports from local farmers. Avocado: Steady supplies are holding up and this is great news. Ripen these avocados for homemade guacamole or spread on toast for an easy breakfast. Berries: Bye bye blueberries. North America is done with production, there is very little coming out

Celebrate Fair Trade Month AND Non-GMO Month This October

by Non-GMO Project Shoppers are demanding more: More from their local stores, more from their chosen brands, and even more from the farmers who grow their food. Transparency in food production and in labeling is critical. Shoppers have a right to know if what they’re buying supports both people and planet. This October, we celebrate both Fair Trade Month and Non-GMO Month — highlighting two labels you may have seen on your food often and want to know a bit more about. What is "Non-GMO Project Verified"? GMOs (or genetically modified organisms) are living organisms whose genetic material has been artificially manipulated in a laboratory through genetic engineering, creating combinations of pl

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