Meet The Team

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William Roche


William, originally from Frankfort, IL, comes to his new endeavor with multiple talents, a love of the outdoors and a healthy lifestyle. The experienced entrepreneur was a managing partner of two high-quality European delicatessens and meat manufacturers in the Los Angeles area. He is the co-founder of non-profit, Peace Love Plates, whose mission includes ending hunger and malnutrition in the U.S., while providing education on healthy eating habits.


William has worked in the food and manufacturing industry for over a decade helping start-up businesses, working as an inspector, general manager and more. His love of food even offered him the opportunity to become an expert Wurstmacher (sausage maker), trained in the style of the old world by 75 year old German Wurstmeister.


A graduate of University of Illinois, Roche is continuing the legacy built by founder, Jeff Wolfson.


Susan Kiskis

General Manager

Susan has over twenty years experience working in the marketing, advertising, and fundraising fields, along with almost twenty years experience in the natural product sector. 


She is a published author and yoga instructor, as well as an ​Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and certified Ayurveda Yoga Specialist. 


From classes at Le Cordon Bleu to cooking in Thailand, Susan has traveled globally where she partakes in cooking classes, learning about the foods and preparation methods used around the world. Susan loves shopping in local markets and preparing foods indigenous to different areas around the globe. ​A vegetarian for 25 years, she relishes in studying and growing herbs and food, and diving deeper into the intricate connection of food, land, and people. 


As a motivational speaker and health advocate, she has taught at conferences, classes, and workshops, and her community activism has led to the creation of events celebrating Earth Day. ​


Erica Binder, 

Floor Manager

Erica started as a cashier in 2003 and has shifted through various roles and responsibilities throughout the years, including a 7 year break as a full-time mom.


She is passionate about organic and healthy living and dabbles in herbalism on the side. In addition to her dedication to The Healthy Grocer and guiding her two vivacious daughters, she is an avid sewist and spends most of her free time in front of her sewing machine.

Fallen Apples

Joe Knapik, Grocery Department Manager

Joe has been a solid part of The Healthy Grocer team for years, and has taken on a plethora of positions and responsibilities in that time. His love of animals and concern for the environment led him to become a vegan, which is what brought him to The Healthy Grocer. He has a personal interest in the availability of special diet foods, especially from small local businesses.


Joe is an artist and avid comic book reader, with a strong love of underground music. In his free time you may find him aimlessly plucking a guitar or thinking about the next thing he should be drawing.

Wild Flowers

Leigh Chrismer

Replenishment Buyer

Leigh's history with The Healthy Grocer runs deep. Growing up with a health conscious mother, trips to the store for lunch and goodies were a Friday afternoon staple for her as a child.


Growing up in the gardens and stables of Central PA, a deep adoration for the planet and the creatures who inhabit it was cultivated.


Her time at The Healthy Grocer, holding a variety of positions, has provided an opportunity to expand her knowledge base on balanced and sustainable eating as well as further learn about holistic approaches to health and wellness, both ancient and modern.


A philosophy of "do no harm" has led to 4 years as a vegetarian as well as a desire to support brands that give back to the people and the world around us.


Free time is usually spent being a doting cat mom of two, searching for new music to love, or finding any reason to step outside.  


Elena Rossetto, Assistant Buyer

Ever since Elena was a small child she has always been enamored by the wilderness and the abundance of the earth. She grew up hiking and cooking with fresh produce from her garden or local market with her father. Having grown up in central PA, she is happy be a part of the Healthy Grocer family. 


The intersection of her passions in health, service, food and holistic living lead her to The Healthy Grocer. After studying a plethora of classes including environmental ethics and sustainability, she learned the undeniable connection between the world and our bodies. Her hunger for knowledge about holistic living only grew as she dove into studying adaptogenics, fitness, and organic farming over the past few years.   


Elena is a actress, world traveler, musician, boxer, and poet with an ever growing curiosity of the world and its wonders. She graduated with a Bachelors in the Theatrical Arts from Messiah College. She preforms and teaches acting, voice, and movement at multiple theaters in the area.  Most recently she's been preforming folk, blues, and jazz with her band, The Street Corner Collective all over PA.