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Since The Healthy Grocer opened its doors in 1996, it has been a hub for organic and non-GMO foods, natural supplements, and locally sourced goods for the south central Pennsylvania area.

As an independent local retailer, we have been able to support our community by sourcing locally produced groceries, supplements, and personal care products.


The scope of what that entails has greatly expanded along with the expansion of consumer awareness and broad based awareness of living a healthier lifestyle. The importance and popularity of the educational component has also grown dramatically. The Healthy Grocer remains on the cutting edge of advancements in the natural and organic arena.


The Healthy Grocer serves customers from all walks of life.  Certainly we have a dedicated core of "health food devotees," but we also draw many people who want to live a healthier lifestyle, but are not yet sure how to do that. We strive to work one on one with as many of these people as we become aware of them.


The Healthy Grocer has carved a niche for itself specializing in foods for those with sensitivities and specialized/restricted diets. Look for Gluten Free, Low Glycemic, Low Sodium, Vegetarian, Vegan, Paleo, Keto, and more. 

Our mission at The Healthy Grocer is to inspire healthy living by connecting our community to organic and all natural foods.

In May 2020, we will be celebrating our 24th Anniversary! We are grateful for the support of our community, our customers, vendors, and staff. What a milestone!


In 2018, we further reduced food waste by bringing vegetable scraps from our Deli and Produce department to Earth Spring Farms in the spring, and in the fall, we now work with two different area farmers who use our food scraps to feed sheep, add to their land, and more! 


It is partnerships like this that will help with long term and short term goals to support our planet and each other. If we stay on track, we will be looking at saving 17,000 lbs annually in food waste (and this doesn't even count what goes to Helping Hands Ministries!) 

Thank you for voting us Simply the Best 2018 for Organic/Health Food Store!

From the Press

"If you’re seeking a natural and organic market right in your neighborhood, then check out The Healthy Grocer."

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"The store is more than healthy products; it also puts an emphasis on friendly customer service, whether that's greeting every customer with a smile or helping them find an organic product."

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"More than 20 years after it opened, The Healthy Grocer in Hampden Township has been sold to a new owner." 

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“said the store is celebrating American Heart Month this month and is working on providing people with education about what they should eat to stay healthy. The Healthy Grocer offers organic produce, a wide variety of all-natural and organic foods, along with a large variety of supplements."

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"The Healthy Grocer in Camp Hill sells all types of organic food, which has become really popular. A big reason, they’re an alternative to genetically modified foods. Those are crops altered in a lab for any number of reasons, including keeping them resistant to chemicals used in fields."

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"Poiesz, who previously worked in corporate finance banking, now operates a facility in Steelton producing Supernola, a flavorful, yet healthful snack made from seeds, nuts and superfoods such as hemp seeds, chia seeds, organic unrefined coconut sugar and goji berries.

Supernola grain-free granola is produced in Steelton. It contains nothing processed, artificial or refined and is also gluten free, low in natural sugars and GMO free.

The granola is sold at a handful of retail locations such as gyms in central Pa. as well as at The Healthy Grocery in Hampden Township."

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