Where's My Grade B (Maple Syrup)?

For those who use Grade B maple syrup for it's more potent taste or therapeutic values, you may have noticed its absence in the marketplace. Grade B is still around, but manufacturers are converting to a new labeling system. Regulations in Vermont changed about a year ago with the USDA following suit.

Here's a key to finding your favorite grade of maple syrup.

Grade A Golden Color with Delicate Taste

Former Name: Grade A Fancy

Color: Light

Flavor: Mild

Food: Great for pancakes, waffles and oatmeal.

Grade A Amber Color with Rich Flavor

Former Name: Grade A Medium Amber (or Grade A Dark Amber)

Color: Light, but darker than Grade A Golden Color & Delicate Taste

Flavor: Smooth, Rounded

Food: Great for tea, cocktails, fish, baking.

Grade A Dark Color with Robust Flavor

Former Name: Grade B (or Grade A Dark Amber)

Color: Dark

Flavor: Stronger, Deeper, Akin to Brown Sugar

Food: Great for BBQ sauce, glazes for grilled meats, coffee, baking, pair with cheese. Great for gifts.

Grade A Very Dark with Strong Flavor

Former Name: Grade C

Color: Dark

Flavor: Robust, Enhanced/Strong Maple Flavor

Food: Great for molasses substitution. Commercial grade syrup for candies, etc.

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