DIY: Whipped Body Butter

Could your skin use a little TLC? Try this homemade whipped body butter. The recipe makes about four 4 oz jars and can easily be doubled or tripled for gift-giving.

Ingredients :

¼ c Cocoa Butter

¼ c Shea Butter

¼ c Coconut Oil

¼ c Sweet Almond Oil

8 drops Lavender Essential Oil

8 drops Grapefruit Essential Oil

8 drops Vanilla Precious Essential Oil

Preparation :

  1. Add cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil and sweet almond oil into a double boiler.

  2. Heat until melted, mixing with a whisk.

  3. Put the mixture into the refrigerator until firm (about an hour).

  4. Use hand mixer to whip until creamy and light.

  5. Add essential oils and mix again.

  6. Spoon into glass jars.

Note – The mixture may seem a bit moist after whipping, but it should firm up after a few minutes.

Use :

After shower or bath pat your body dry, leaving a little moisture on your skin. Apply a dollop of body butter to arms and/or legs and massage in.

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