Buy Fresh Buy Local Spotlight: PureBlend

What makes us geek out about local companies? Fresh ingredients, socially and ecologically-minded practices, personal service, and a driving passion to bring a healthy brand into the marketplace. Here at The Healthy Grocer, we love sourcing products from local businesses and sharing with you the stories behind them.

What's special about PureBlend teas? As owner Kari Dandrea says, "Pureblend is committed to providing healthy, socially responsible blended teas in an effort to raise consciousness for better living through alternative and holistic resources available in natural form. All Pureblend teas and herbs are purchased from USDA Organic and Fair Trade Certified vendors in the effort to bring you the freshest blends, sustain the world's ecology and support the communities in small villages where tea provides a vital economy."

But let Kari tell you her story...

"The idea to blend my own herbs and teas together emerged from a desire to relieve common ailments without taking over-the-counter drugs. As a certified yoga teacher, I embrace the concept of balance which translates in my approach towards health and nutrition. I grew up in a home that nurtured the holistic path to living a wholesome life, gaining knowledge and appreciation of how nature plays a vital role in our well-being. I now reach for the natural relief and want my daughter to learn to do the same. I was not yet aware of the Teavanas of the world, I just wanted a fresh, pure cup of tea. After many nights of sipping and brainstorming over the freshest, purest ingredients, eight blended teas were born as well as the company name: Pureblend.

Every chance I had to share them with my friends and neighbors, the overwhelming response was: 'Kari get these to market!'

So to market they went. Pureblend is now served at growers markets, select shops near my hometown of West Chester, PA, and many retail outlets, cafes and coffee shops across the region. In 2013, we opened a magical Tea Bar in the Lancaster Central Market. I have the glorious job of consulting and demoing, blending and sipping with enthusiasm along with anyone and everyone who will listen to the benefits of these whole leaf teas. As I continue to create the freshest, purest blends, it is always my desire to bring better quality, better value and more joy to your tea drinking experience. As you sip these fine teas please enjoy and spread the word; your referral is our greatest compliment. I hope to see you at market! Warm Regards,


Want PureBlend for your next cup of tea? Stop by The Healthy Grocer and visit our Tea section. Plus, check out PureBlend Steep and Serve Iced Tea bags; available for a limited time only.

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