What The Heck is a Functional Mushroom Drink? And Their Benefits!

It can be a little awkward using ‘shrooms for the first time. So, to save you the discomfort of having to admit this front of all your pals, that you’re not 100% sure how to use these mushrooms and what they do, we figured that we would just tell you how we use them and what some of the benefits are.

7:00 am: Chaga

Wake up early and grab the day by the horns with a Chaga Elixir (their antioxidant properties can make you feel like a superhero!)

Thriving on birch trees in regions like Siberia, Canada, North Korea, and some parts of the northern United States, Chaga has been used for centuries by these cultures for multiple purposes.

Warding off the common cold: One of Chaga’s main compounds is the antioxidant-packed sterol called Betulinic Acid. Betulinic Acid is known for its ability to help fight the flu and common cold.

Promoting shiny, thick hair and glowing skin: Just like the antioxidant melanin determines our skin shade, it also takes credit for Chaga’s dark color. Melanin is known to not only protecting DNA, but also to help it regenerate.

2:00 pm: Lion’s Mane

Beat the afternoon blues with Lion’s Mane mushroom pick-me-up (“sayonara, tiredness!”).

Modern medicine has discovered that Lion’s Mane is one of the only mushrooms out there that has the ability to support the brain.. Let’s take a closer look at what makes people refer to Lion’s Mane as the “smart mushroom.”

Upgraded concentration: Lion’s Mane tea has long been used by Buddhist monks for better focus during meditation. They were onto something here, as Lion’s Mane can support cognition and memory, while also helping to increase your ability to concentrate.

Improved memory: When your nerve cells are growing well and protected properly, they operate best. The NGF growth stimulated by Lion’s Mane can help maintain the function and the size of the forebrain, which is where most of our decision-making, analytical thought, and memory processes occur.

6:00 pm: Cordyceps

Have a pre-workout cup of Cordyceps to increase energy levels, and result in a successful high-impact workout.

A versatile mushroom, Cordyceps has been used by practitioners of Chinese medicine for centuries to support steady energy levels.

Increase energy: Increased physical performance go hand in hand with higher energy levels, and Cordyceps is known for keeping lethargy at bay.

Increased Oxygen Intake: By stimulating white blood cells to respond to unwanted bacteria, Cordyceps can relax sore muscles and loosen narrowed tracheas, which may allow your lungs to operate at higher levels.

10:00 pm: Reishi

Kick back with a book and prepare to nod off with Reishi.

Reishi is known as Linghzi in China, a word that signifies longevity; it’s quite the appropriate name, as eishi is linked to helping more ailments and health issues than any other mushroom.

Better sleep: Most of us could use a little help to catch more zzz’s at night, and Reishi mushroom might just be the answer. Reishi, taken in continuous, small doses, has been shown to activate sleep cycles, acting almost like a safe tranquilizer for the brain.

Less stress: As an adaptogen, Reishi mushroom can come with stress-reducing benefits.

That’s just a start!

….Some entrepreneurs are known to drink a Lion’s Mane Elixirbefore a big meeting with investors.

….Some outdoorsy people chug Mushroom Coffee with Cordycepsby the gallon when they’re on 10-day canoe trips.

…. Some hard workers drink the Reishi Hot Cacao Mix before cuddling into bed after a stressful day.

That’s just how WE use them. You’ll find your own way. And when you do, be sure to tell us.

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