Support Local Farms During National Dairy Month

Most of us were exposed to and raised on good old fashioned dairy products from a young age. Many remember the bliss of dunking a fresh baked cookie in a glass of milk or that refreshing glass of chocolate milk! However, you may have not given much thought to the real health benefits that dairy can provide.

Did you know that you would need to consume 12 servings of whole grains, 10 cups of raw spinach, or 6 servings of legumes to get the same amount of calcium as 3 cups of milk? In addition to calcium, milk provides significant amounts of potassium, magnesium, and phosphorus- as well as vitamins A and D. If you choose to go with a reduced fat or skim option, you are getting all of this with only about 100 calories!

If you rarely drink milk, but still look to incorporate the benefits of dairy, look no further than cheese! Cheese can liven up just about any dish. Pair cheese with crackers and you have easy hors d'oeuvres. Let's not forget about yogurt and kefir which can contain up to 100,000,000 live probiotics per cup.

Here at The Healthy Grocer we love working with local farmers. Whether it's milk or cheese, we pride ourselves on having fresh local options.

Paradise PA's Dutch Meadows supplies us with fresh raw milk from grass fed cows that is also certified organic every week. One of the amazing facts about Dutch Meadows is the farm is a family farm dating back three generations and has been practicing organic farming for over twenty years (even before it was trendy!).

Another area farmer, Swiss Villa shares that "In 2004, a herd of Brown Swiss cows in Dauphin County, Pa, near the town of Gratz, were being milked for the sale of their raw milk. The farm setting gave a complimentary feel to the Swiss herd, as the farmer himself was also of Swiss descendant. Thus the Swiss Villa name held a cherished title for his venture of marketing goods from his small farm to health food stores in his home state." Swiss Villa provides The Healthy Grocer grass fed and GMO free raw milk as well as a variety of raw cow milk cheeses.

And have you tried Chester County's international winning cheese from The Farm at Doe Run yet? "The Farm at Doe Run is based on the philosophy of simple sustainable farming. Our state, national and international award winning creamery team lead by our two talented cheesemakers, Samuel Kennedy and Matthew Hettlinger work to produce creative, quality farmstead cheeses in beautiful Chester County, Pa. We receive all of our milk on-site from our three milking herds that are taken care of by our dairy team; Richard Hostetter, Jeff Reburn and Corrine Crans. We take great pride in our products to reflect the bounty of the seasons, while being true stewards of the land. We love supporting Stroud Water Research, and the work we do with them to help our waterways by planting over 1,200 trees yearly around Doe Run Creek."

Visit us to get your full servings of dairy each day and support a local farmer during National Dairy Month.

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