Duck Eggs

Have you ever wondered why so many people are switching to Duck eggs and what is so great about them? Here's why:

We actually started selling duck eggs because one of our neighboring farmers was producing duck eggs for their family and wanted to start selling them to other people as well, so we started selling them, thinking it might be a great item for people wanting to try something different. We were really surprised when people started showing up at our farm store saying they heard we are selling duck eggs and they need them for health reasons. We found out that there are actually quite a few people who are allergic to chicken eggs because of certain nutrients that are lacking and therefore their body is not able to digest them.

The following are only a few reasons why you should start incorporating duck eggs into your diet. Duck eggs have 7% less water, 29% more energy, 21% more calcium, 110% more Iron, 42% more magnesium, this data was pulled from a USDA National Nutrient Database on Duck egg / Chicken egg comparison. These are only a few differences, there are many more listed on the actual report.

Our family farmer strives to bring you the best in quality, taste and texture. Our ducks have free access to roam outdoors and are fed a GMO free diet of grain with plenty of fresh green grass this time of year. Nothing is more fun than watching animals run out on pasture, pecking at bugs, stretching and flapping their wings with plenty of room to roam and not having to be packed inside a stinky smelly barn every single day of their life. We try to keep their habitat as natural as possible. So if you are allergic to chicken eggs or just simply want to try something exciting, be sure to pick-up a dozen today.

Another question that we get all the time is: Why are these large conventional operations still in business if there so many people who don’t like the way they operate?

Its simple folks, too many people are willing to compromise quality for cheaper prices. I honestly don’t know if people are not thinking long term or what, most times you will end up paying it in doctor bills or supplements because of the low nutrient content in foods raised in such a way. I hear people saying all the time that they really support what the local farmers are doing but they just can’t afford to pay the price.

Folks, let me put it this way, I don’t think we can or want to afford having these large corporations tell us what to eat. Do you think they really have your best interest in mind when they inject their animals with antibiotics and artificial hormones? Or when they feed fillers, GMO grain and chicken guts? Do we think we can afford having someone like that in charge of supplying our families with food? I think you get the point, every time you buy their products you are casting a vote telling them you love what they do and you are telling them you really like to feed your family sick, pale eggs, you are saying you really love it when you have such easy access to hormone injected, watery, flavorless chicken.

It works the same when you buy from a local farmer except now you are supporting someone who really cares about his animals, the land, and the customers who buy the product. Folks if you are not buying local farmer's products, you cannot truly support the local food movement. There are actually many ways to save money when buying local, such as buying in bulk, etc.

I will end it with this and let you decide who you want to support. We live in free country by the way and the choice is yours. Would you rather buy milk from a CAFO farm who keeps their cows indoors every day lying in their own manure, or would you like to buy from a family farm where the cows get fresh pasture 2-4 times a day and lie contentedly out in the soft, green grass. The same goes for beef in feedlots vs. beef on pasture, chickens in barns vs. chickens on pasture, the list goes on and on. Again the choice is yours today, while the farmers are still in business.

Never underestimate a small group of like minded people, it is the only way to bring about big changes.

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