How To Bliss Out For National Relaxation Day (+ DIY Recipe)

Summer is in full swing. We’re covered head-to-two in gorgeous organic suncare, the grass is high, the sun is hot, and the water is calling. This does not necessarily mean that we are not still touched by the daily demands of today’s world. Even with our feet in the sand and perfect wide-brimmed-hats donned, it is all too easy to forget that taking a moment away from responsibilities and centering yourself is vital for overall personal health and wellbeing.

One of my top go-to techniques for creating a moment of new headspace, clarity, and centered emotions is a simple breathing method that incorporates the ancient healing properties of Frankincense. This highly-prized essential oil is distilled from the same plant which the common resin gum forms. Frankincense oil is widely recognized for its ability to lend itself in improving the mind’s focus and intentions, thus it’s maintained a strong presence in meditation practices throughout ancient history. But before we get into the technique, here is the recipe:

Centering Frankincense Oil

We can begin by gathering our tools, we will need:


  1. Blend your oils into your 2 oz Glass Bottle. Start by adding your carrier oil.

  2. Add 15-20 drops of Organic Frankincense Essential Oil and the 5 drops of Organic Cedarwood Oil.

  3. Holding the top of the bottle, gently swirl the essential oils together to evenly blend them prior to infusing your carrier oil.

Optional: This is when you can now add 1-2 drops of Organic Lavender Essential Oil if you find the base blend of Organic Frankincense and Organic Cedarwood to be a bit too earthy or pungent for your preference. The minor addition of Lavender will help to round out the scent profile without affecting the centering properties of Frankincense.

  1. Add your Organic Carrier Oil - fill the bottle containing your organic essential oil blend with the Organic Carrier Oil of your choosing. Leave a ½ inch space at the top of the bottle to allow for an air bubble, this helps blend the scents. (My preferred carrier is Organic Apricot Kernel Oil, I like how nurturing it is, and how well it regulates the overall moisture retention of your skin. Try it as an after bath/shower oil on its own for a great dry skin remedy.)

  2. Blend + Shake – Return the cap of the glass bottle containing your blend, secure well, and shake for 30 seconds!

  3. You’re finished! – Now you have a bottle of Centering Frankincense Oil. This blend is the perfect companion for an any-time-of-day reset.

Breathwork Exercise

  1. Start by finding a comfortable position. Do the best that you can. Remember, this does not have to be an hour-long meditation. It’s all about finding a brief moment in your normal routine to regain that mental balance and composure. This exercise is designed to last as little or as long as you need, in the moment. Sit in a comfortable chair, lie down on your office floor. You can create a mental safe-space anywhere, anytime.

  2. Pour a few drops of your oil blend into the palm of your hand. Warming the oil with your body heat, rub your palms together and slowly coat your hands in the blend.

  3. Close your eyes, covering your face with your hands, keeping about 1 inch of space in-between. Breathing slowly, inhale through your nose for a 4-count and exhale from your mouth for an 8-count. With each inhale, observe the scent of the rich oils blended together.

  4. Begin envisioning a bright star-like ball of light, forming from the core of your body (in the area of your solar plexus). Notice how bright it is. What color is it? Hold this imagery in your mind as vividly as you can.

  5. With each inhale, envision golden pure light accompanying the rich essential oil aromatherapy and flowing into the depths of your lungs. Draw in each breath and pull the scent and light imagery into the lower 3rd of your lungs. See the light refract and flicker as it hits the bottom, ultimately collecting and charging the glowing orb within your solar plexus.

  6. As the orb grows brighter and larger, focus in on this, it is your anchor. Allow tension in your face to unwind, moving on to neck, shoulders, back, legs, and feet. Notice areas that stand out more than others. If tension in the muscles of these areas remain, it’s okay. This point of this exercise is to increase mindfulness and awareness of self, observe the tension and move on.

  7. Observe any parts of you that are in contact with any surfaces. How is your weight distributed? Focus on the firmness of your body’s contact with your surroundings and allow all of your tension to flow downward and into the floor.

  8. Take a few more deep breaths and allow yourself to come back. Open your eyes, and emerge back into your day with a newly centered perspective.

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