Back to School Dinners

Back to School: for some it’s a time of celebration (you know who you are); for others it’s a time of dread (you also know who you are).

One thing we can all agree on – Back to School means Back to Busy. School day, work day, extracurricular activities, homework, and housework all mean one thing – go, Go, GO!

Healthy meals are quite often an overlooked part of the Back to School season, and it is easy to see why. With all of the hullabaloo, sitting down to a family dinner can fall to the wayside.

As a mom of three, all with different schedules, I’m always looking for ways to make my life easier while maintaining a healthy happy lifestyle.

I love slow cooker recipes because they are so easy. I can prepare everything the night before, turn it on in the morning (just don’t forget to plug it in), and we all come home to a healthy delicious dinner.

There are so many amazing slow-cooker recipes, and even your favorite stove top meals can easily be converted to slow cooker meals with a few tweaks.

InstaPots are the new big thing in the world of easy family fare. I’ve not gotten one yet, but it is definitely on my Christmas list. These updated electric pressure cookers take the ease of the slow-cooker, but maximize your time. There are a lot of great InstaPot recipes already taking Pinterest by storm, however you can easily adapt your favorite recipes and cut your cooking time in half!

Okay, this is all great, but sometimes – we just don’t have TIME. I always have the best intentions, but sometimes life gets away from me – did I mention I have three kids? - and that’s when convenience takes over. On those days when I didn’t prep in advance, I love taking advantage of our fully cooked rotisserie chickens here at The Healthy Grocer. Along with Full Green Cauliflower Rice and steam-in-bag frozen vegetables – I can have a full, healthy, organic meal for my family is less than 10 minutes. I think that’s a hit with both parents and kids alike!

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