DIY: Functional Fragrance Mist

Functional Fragrance mists are one of the most versatile and portable ways of utilizing your beloved essential oil combinations while applying botanical wisdom to your life and daily practice. Enjoy a few sprays anytime your space or mood needs a moment of mindful pause or a shift in consciousness.


  • 3 oz Distilled Water (rose water makes an unbelievable floral alternative)

  • 20 Drops Essential Oils

  • 4 oz Misting Bottle


  1. Pour your water-base into the 4oz misting bottle.

  2. Carefully add a total of 20 drops to your bottle. I typically balance out four different oils, adding five drops of each.

  3. Return the cap to the spray bottle and shake vigorously for 30 seconds. Over the following 24-72 hours, the active terpenes in your brew will settle and take on their final form. Give it some down time before you make an assessment of your finished product!

  4. Enjoy! Spray a few pumps in your hair, on your clothing, linens, or the air around you!

*For best results allow your finished product to rest for several days prior to use. This allows the botanical oils to thoroughly mingle. Best to test on a small swatch of fabric as essential oils may stain or discolor fabric and clothing.

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