Following through on Goals

Remember these key activities to help you succeed in your New Year's Resolutions.

  1. Find a place to hang your goals that you will see daily.

  2. Make the announcement! Tell friends and family members what your goals are.

  3. Prioritize. Make sure to prioritize your day to make time for your goals

  4. Set deadlines. Small incremental deadlines help keep you on track.

  5. Set reminders. Thank goodness for cell phones!

  6. Write your intentions each morning. Think of it like meal prepping.

  7. Write your gratitude list each night. Gratitude lists help you to see the progress you've made.

  8. Check in with your accountability partner. This person will help be your cheerleader AND your coach.

  9. Create a Positive Reminders Jar and pull from it as you need to. Who doesn't need a little fortune cookie saying to remind them of how great they are!

  10. Look for signs of procrastination and find ways to overcome that tendency. Procrastinating thoughts are nasty buggers that show up in a variety of ways. It can be negative self-talk, fear, wanting to give up, feeling like you don't have enough time, and more. Recognize it for what it is - your brain fighting change.

  11. Track. Tracking your progress is super important. When you see the end result (your goal) you will see how far you have come. Small movements add up and sometimes the reminders are necessary.

  12. Celebrate! Make sure to shout it out. Be loud and be proud!

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