Making a Difference: Earth Month

As Earth Month comes to a close, we want to thank you for your commitment to making a difference. Your support helps sustain businesses like The Healthy Grocer which focus on sustainability. We want to leave the planet in better shape than we inherited it.

The Healthy Grocer strives to support our local farmers, their families, the communities, and the soils of which they churn. Understanding the influence that we have on the wellness of all, through the products and organizations we support is the core foundation of The Healthy Grocer Team. Down to the microscopic organisms and constituents of our farm lands, to the regenerative missions of enlightened companies with a heart, we take a close look into every product that we bring to the community to ensure that we are only serving the finest.

Conventional farming practices disrupt the surrounding land and ecosystems. Overuse of chemical sprays on fields and increased manufacturing waste emissions in production facilities evaporate into the air; entering the water cycle, infiltrating the once pristine aquifers, saturating soils and water which nourish our fruits, vegetables, and wildlife. Ultimately, these compounds find their way back into our bodies, polluting the cycle from beginning to end.

Here at The Healthy Grocer, we are dedicated to bringing our community sustainably-produced products. Recognizing that only by giving respect to the earth and preserving its resources from which we depend on so greatly, are we able to complete the cycle harmoniously, continuing to reap the bounties for generations to come. The Healthy Grocer community directly supports the continued well being of the planet. Together we are able to make our voices heard, holding companies and brands accountable for responsible, sustainable practices.

Buy shopping at The Healthy Grocer, you continue the cycle of sustainability. How are your dollars at work?

We sell only organic and all natural foods.

From organic produce to organic herbs, we focus on offering the most natural foods possible - the way nature intended. We will not sell products with artificial ingredients or products that damage the environment. All of the ingredients that is used in our deli is also made with organic and all natural ingredients.

We compost.

All of our produce scraps from our store and deli are given to local farms, RowanTree Farm and Baken Creek Farm. These scraps are used to feed their farm animals and used for compost to enrich their soil.

We support local farmers.

Whether it is buying beef from local cattle farmers or buying organic produce from non-profit, Lancaster Farm Fresh Co-op, we support area farmers so they in turn can have a sustainable business and continue to support the environment. This model helps us decrease our carbon footprint. (Less CO2 from food traveling nationally and internationally, and less carbon from storage.)

We sell bulk foods. Buying in bulk helps reduce waste. While plastic and glass bottles can still be recycled in most areas, due to the ongoing issues of not recycling properly, much of what communities are trying to recycle is going into landfills. Additionally, countries, like China, who took most of the recycled products in the U.S., have dramatically reduced intake due to improper cleaning and recycling. At The Healthy Grocer, we offer grains, granola, beans, seeds, nuts, herbs, coffee and tea in bulk. Plus, we now offer bulk oil and vinegar!

Biodegradable containers. The Healthy Grocer supports the environment with biodegradable containers, utensils, straws, cups, lids for most of our deli foods and kombucha on tap. We also offer compostable produce bags that you can compost in your own backyard compost! We recognize the impact that plastic plays in our landfills and planet. By 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans.

We use natural cleaners. Whether it's the aprons and table cloths we dry clean, the dish soap we use in the store, or the hand soap we have in our bathrooms, we like to practice what we preach. Using all natural household cleaners helps make sure we don't continue the ongoing problem of polluting our water, land, and air.

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