Ashmeade Kernel Apples

We love heirloom produce. The food chain has lost 75% of it's genetic diversity. Precious old seeds like the Ashmeads Kernel provides us with not only a time capsule, but our purchases help farmers continue to grow and care for these delicate apple trees. Plus, they are so funky that they are absolutely Instagram worthy.

Orange Pippin shares, "An old nondescript green russeted apple, originating in the 1700s. The appearance is, let's be honest, not especially attractive. Ashmeads Kernel is lumpy, mis-shapen, and rather small. Yet appearances can be deceiving.

Ashmeads Kernel has remained popular for well over 2 centuries, and with good reason: it has a distinctive flavour which is quite different from most other varieties. Tasters rarely agree on exactly what the elusive flavour reminds them of, but pear drops is probably close.

The name "kernel" suggests that this variety was discovered as a chance seedling.

Ashmead's Kernel is a versatile apple, not just for eating fresh, it can also be used for salads and cooking, and it is a highly-valued apple for juicing and hard cider."

Stop in today for a bunch of Ashmead’s Kernel apples.

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