Congrats to our July Healthy Ambassador!

Jenn Weitkamp, 35 York, PA Exercise Tip: Do something active that you enjoy. Exercise is not one-size-fits-all. Meal/Food Tip: Listen to your body. For me, tracking my meals is a must.  Must-Have Daily Snack: Berries, cheese and nuts. Best Healthy Lifestyle Advice Received: Never give up, and always fight for myself. Biggest Health Accomplishment: Maintaining a 125-pound weight loss. Biggest Adversity Overcome: The biggest challenge was my own self-doubt and the effort needed to reprogram my brain. A huge weight loss is daunting, and focusing on the end result often leads to negative self-talk. Keep focused on today and stay positive. Biggest sense of accomplishment: Having my strength and stamina increase. After years of neglect, my body is now strong and capable. Showing my kids what it looks like to persevere is also a proud achievement. Encouragement for others: We are all capable of doing hard things. Find your motivation and find what makes it easy for you to accomplish your goals. Eliminate complexity or stress. Also, there’s no end point to your health goals, they change continually. Be flexible and be willing to adapt along the way.

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