Glass Bottled Milk Pales to Noluma. PackagingGlass bottled milk has presented a great tasting milk.

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Nostalgia calls for the glass bottled milk. And we have agreed it tastes better in glass. The plastic flavor leached out into the milk, ruin the best flavor. But we have not heard too much about the Vitamin A degradation in the fluid due to the light damage. That applies to both the glass and the plastic milk bottles! And Vitamin B2 along with niacin runs lower and lower as the milk sets on the shelf.  Light damage is real. Besides compromised nutrients in light damaged milk comes a lesser quality taste. The vitamin activation by light then affects the fats and proteins.

Older Milk Might Taste Fresher?

One study showed that milk kept in the dark pleased the consumers better than fresh milk in the typical milk bottles. Now note that only four hours of LED lighting was shining on this fresher milk! And the older milk was kept in the dark for 2 weeks! But the older tasted better.

The report on this study indicated that light damage shows itself greater in skim milk and 2% milk. Also note ” The light exposure effects were so powerfully negative that the “near code/near expiration date” sample was preferred in every case to the fresh sample regardless of microbial defects.”

And another study, consisting of 23 samples, concludes it this way: “The predominant implication of the study is that a component of paramount importance in ensuring the success of the dairy industry would be to protect fluid milk from all sources of light exposure, from processing plant to consumer.”

Light Causes Oxidation of B2

Light activates Vitamin B2 and consequently causes an off taste in the milk. Grass fed milk contains some of chlorophyll which is very light sensitive. As light contacts these varied assets, degradation kicks in. then you taste a “less than fresh” flavor. Plastic bottled milk absorbs some of the plastic flavor due to this breakdown of important milk nutrients. But without light, the milk retains its fresh taste. Avoid the plastic leaching and contamination into the milk. Purchase only milk stored in a dark atmosphere for more Vitamin A and VitaminB2.

With only 4 hours of light exposure, 28% of the Vitamin B2 leaves fluid milk! We cannot afford to continue with such losses. Glass bottled milk offers no light protection to preserve the vitamins.

Light Affects Proteins and Fats in Glass Bottled Milk Too?

Fats now boast super health claims. That includes the fats found in dairy. Choose whole milk over to reduced fat milk selections of 2% or 1%. Skim milk lacks, especially when you want health fats in your diet. But the fats in the milk jugs might not hold what they initially contained. Why consume compromised fats when you can eat them whole, undenatured? More studies need to be completed before strong claims can be made as to the amounts of damage to fats by light. But at this point, there is strong suggestions that light has some very negative effects on the fats. At least they say the off-flavor from plastic bottled milk gives it credit to the comprising of the fats and proteins.

A2A2 protein in milk presents less milk intolerances. So why risk damage to the old-fashioned values in glass bottled milk? You can purchase milk in a light protected package.

Lancaster Local Whole Milk in Light Protected Packaging

We delight in taste testing of the pasteurized Lancaster Local Non-homogenized Whole Milk. Packed in the Noluma certified light protected packaging we find it maintains a freshness! In fact, we tried some milk that expired. Yes, and 3 weeks later it retained a great, sweet, fresh taste. We shared it with a number of folks in the retail world. Even some in the dairy industry tried it too. They all were impressed. We cannot promise that always but we certainly would hope that could be your experience as well. But keep it cold. That will help. And if it is in the dark, you will likely taste the difference.

Swiss Villa Raw Cow Milk Protected by Noluma Certified Packaging

Raw milk holds more natural vitamins than that of pasteurized milk. And we benefit better from its natural enzymes to assimilate the nutrients into our bodies. But raw milk loses its Vitamin A in regular milk containers. In fact as the vitamin B2 and other photosensitive components leave, they cause degradation to the proteins and fats. KEEP RAW MILK NUTRIENT DENSE! Purchase it in light protected packaging. And remember, even opaque milk bottles do not block our all the light. Make sure to choose certified light protected packaging!

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