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This week we heard that mangoes are indeed out of stock so we took a peek at what else we could bring in. Red Pears, local Pawpaws, Honeycrisp Apples, Kiwi Berries, and next week...Persimmons! As each season approaches, it's such a gift to see what is coming up and how we can bring our community seasonal favorites.

Here is what else is going on in the organic produce marketplace (courtesy of Four Seasons Produce) and reports from local farmers.

Avocado: Steady supplies are holding up and this is great news. Ripen these avocados for homemade guacamole or spread on toast for an easy breakfast.

Berries: Bye bye blueberries. North America is done with production, there is very little coming out of Mexico. We now wait for Peru's season to burst forth with abundant berries.

Broccoli: Shortages will continue. Heat waves in California have led to a tight supply chain.

Cauliflower: Decreasing numbers of available cauliflower coupled with quality issues in California may lead to shortages and increased pricing due to demand.

Greens: Local and national greens are picking up. Look for beautiful greens to sauté and add to soups.

Russet Potatoes: Thank you, Idaho for your beautiful potatoes. Supplies are plentiful, but prices are being reported as a bit higher than normal.

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