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Almost every Wednesday we go to the Carlisle Farmers Market to get a feel for what local produce is available or to pick up orders from our local farmers. Red wagon in hand, we weaved our way to the Dickinson College's Organic Farm booth. The students running the weekly tent were excited that 40 pounds of their broccoli was headed to The Healthy Grocer. We were excited to!

Broccoli has been in high demand with poor yields due to heat waves in California (where it usually comes from around this time of year). We happen to be fortunate in south central Pennsylvania as the cool weather here gave us a nice healthy yield of broccoli (and I am talking about beautiful heads of broccoli) right when we needed them.

Here is what else is going on in the organic produce marketplace (courtesy of Four Seasons Produce) and reports from local farmers.

Apples: Fortunately, despite wildfires on the West coast, apples are coming in looking beautiful with solid pricing. We even expanded our apple selection for this time of year to include Honeycrisp and Pink Ladies.

Berries: Last week we officially said goodbye to blueberries for awhile and were happily surprised when we heard Mexico has a crop ready that is gorgeous. Peru's crop is not quite abundant yet and since North American production is done, this was wonderful news. Strawberries are still hard to come by and very expensive.

Cauliflower: Continued expectations are for shortages and high prices when they are available due to low yields and poor quality in California.

Citrus: Grapefruits are coming back into season, but watch for limited quantities and high prices until the season picks up. Oranges are still in transition and difficult to get at low prices.

Persimmons: Here and lovely! Who doesn't look forward to persimmons this time of year. Pro-tip from Four Seasons "Let this persimmon get soft and squishy before you eat it!"

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