Recipe: Peanut Butter Chocolate Keto Cereal Bars

By Catalina Crunch / Low-Carb Recipes

Thanks to Nutritionist Courtney Swan, @realfoodology for creating another delicious recipe!


1 scoop of Gelatin (we recommend Vital Proteins) 1/3 cup warm water 1/3 cup powdered monk fruit (we recommend Lakanto) 3 Tbsp ghee 4 Tbsp of peanut butter 2 cups of dark chocolate Catalina Crunch cereal


  1. Whisk 1 scoop of gelatin with 1/3 cup of warm water.

  2. Set aside in a bowl and SLOWLY whisk in your powdered monk fruit. You have to pour this in very slowly, only pouring in small amounts at a time in order to really mix.

  3. Set aside and let it sit for about 5 mins to thicken. It will get pretty fluffy and gooey looking.

  4. Meanwhile melt 3 tbsp of ghee over the stove, careful not to burn.

  5. Mix your ghee and peanut butter with your gelatin “fluff” in a large mixing bowl, then pour the Catalina crunch cereal in, mixing thoroughly.

  6. Pour the cereal mixture into a 4×4 dish and put in the freezer for 5-10 mins to harden. 

  7. Cut and serve!!

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