Top 5 Reasons Why Gift Cards Rock

Gift cards are the best, easiest gift. It gives the recipient the freedom of choice to buy what they want. Some people shy away from giving gift cards, scared of being perceived as having an inner Scrooge. However, let talk about why the amount shouldn't count.

Top 5 Reasons to Give Gift Cards

  1. Gift cards are a GREAT last minute gift. Are you the last minute shopper? Gift cards are your solution.

  2. Whether it's a random act of kindness you want to acknowledge, or it's an unexpected gift from a friend, co-worker, or neighbor, gift cards are great to have as a back-up gift.

  3. Gift cards are the eco-friendly choice. Stop filling the landfill with unwanted gifts. Give the gift of choice. Plus, The Healthy Grocer supports the environment. Double score on that one!

  4. "Your recipient can use them when their monthly budget needs a break. Because they’re an 'anytime' present, recipients can choose to use them when they need them most," shares the RGCA.

  5. The Healthy Grocer Gift cards support health and wellness. Has someone you know said they are looking to change their diet and health routine? Maybe a loved one loves shopping here, or needs to find a place that has special diet friendly foods? Giving a Healthy Grocer gift card reflects back that you heard them, and are ready to support their healthy lifestyle.

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