10 Tips to Help You Get Outdoors & Respiratory Seasonal Support

Staff members share some of their ideas on how to help you destress, enjoy the Spring and manage seasonal allergies.

Hiking, Walking and Essentials with Claudia, Susan and Erica

10. Walk or hike every day! According to NIH, walking may "lower your risk of health problems like high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes, strengthen your bones and muscles, help you burn more calories and lift your mood." Walking is something we can do solo, with a partner, children or parents many times. Take a walk around your neighborhood, area park or high school track and for added benefit, hop onto one of the nearby Appalachian Trail areas.

9. Want to enjoy the outdoors but don't have a lot of time during your day? How about taking a blanket to your garden and enjoying supper with the backdrop of Mother Nature. According to the Department of Environmental Conservation, "Even five minutes around trees or in green spaces may improve health. "

8. Get a small pack of supplies together beforehand so when the weather is nice, you can just head out the door. Ideas for your to-go pack? Herbal Armor All Natural Insect Repellent, Badger Mineral Sunscreen, Dr. Bronner's Lip Balm, Redmond's First Aid Bentonite Clay, Active's Organic Coconut Water packets for your water bottle (electrolytes!), The Healthy Grocer bulk nuts, seeds or trail mix and Gluten Free Quest Protein Bars.

Susan Kiskis taps into Ayurveda & Yoga for seasonal support.

7. Try Nadi Shodhan Pranayama (Alternate Nostril Breathing). This pranayama (breath work) practice, helps to open up nasal passages.

  • Close your right nostril with your right thumb.

  • Inhale through your left nostril.

  • Close your left nostril with your right ring finger and open your right nostril.

  • Exhale through your right nostril.

  • Inhale through your right nostril.

  • Close your right nostril with the thumb, exhale and then inhale through the left nostril.

  • Continue the exhale, inhale on each side before switching nostrils.

6. As we move into Spring, the weather moves from cool to warm. Now is the time for a Spring cleanse and preparing the body for warmth.

  • Incorporate spicy foods to aid digestion and energy.

  • Curb your fats and oils. Try lighter foods, less oil, fresh fruits and vegetables.

  • Try a few days of a kitchari (rice & lentil dish) cleanse. Get the recipe.

  • Incorporate bitter (arugula, dandelion, zucchini, kale, coffee- yes I just gave you the green flag to drink coffee in moderation), pungent (greens, ginger, red pepper, radishes) and astringent (apples, broccoli, turmeric) foods into your diet.

  • Minimize dairy products. Dairy products during this time of year may increase mucus production and might contribute to a sluggish feeling.

5. Incorporate a brief yoga asana (pose) practice into your daily schedule and do it outside, barefoot in the grass! Connect yourself to the ground on a warm, dry day.

Asanas: Tadasana (Mountain Pose), Utkatasana (Chair), Virabhadra (Warrior poses) and Dandayamana Janushirasana (Head to Knee). Plus, a round of Breath of Joy can invigorate you while bringing you into a gentle flow-like practice.

Nancy Mayne gives ideas on helpful supplements and go-to's.

4. Consider natural supplements which demonstrate antihistamine effects - Stinging Nettle, Quercetin, Vitamin C and Bromelain.

3. Staying well-hydrated may help lessen allergy symptoms.

2. Keep your nasal passages clear of dust and other allergens by using a Neti Pot and/or Saline Nasal Spray.

CJ shares Gardening advice.

1. Cure your garden itch by planting summer vegetable seedlings indoors now. Tip: Plant your seedlings in leftover eggshells and sit them in your leftover egg carton. Eggshells give seedlings a kick start with their nutrient-rich shell. Lake Valley organic seeds are available at The Healthy Grocer!

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