Skin Care Regimens: What’s Right for Your Skin Type?

Q: What beauty products are worth splurging on?

A: While most high-end beauty products are expensive, some are definitely worth the splurge. Brands like Mineral Fusion, Badger, and Nourish make it their business to develop natural skin care products that customers can trust. Personally, I have used many makeup lines throughout the years and nothing comes close to Mineral Fusion when it comes to all-natural makeup. Mineral Fusion makeup is easy to apply, requires little re-application, and lasts all day.

Q: How do I care for acne-prone skin?

A: Products that contain salicylic acid or tea tree oil (melaleuca) salicylic acid contains properties that support drawing oils out of the skin without totally stripping the skin of natural oils.

If you are a DIY-er or want to make your own wash, combine castile soap, raw apple cider vinegar, and a few drops of tea tree oil. While this concoction smells harsh, it is cost effective. At the first sign of a break-out apple cider vinegar is one popular application. If you don’t want to use apple cider vinegar, Desert Essence makes a purse-friendly Blemish Touch Stick.

Here are some face care tips:

  • Scrub/cleanse face nightly and in morning.

  • Apply light moisturizer in evening before bed.

  • Apply heavier moisturizer in morning.

  • Use a peel 1-2 times per week.

Q: How do I care for dry skin?

A: Like all skin types, dry skin requires TLC. Look for products that say “moisturizing” or “hydrating,” such as PA company Nourish’s Ultra-Hydrating Face Cream.

Moisturizer will become your skin’s best friend. Look for moisture enhancing ingredients such as argan, pomegranate, and almond oils.

When wearing makeup, use a hydrating spray throughout the day to ensure your foundation isn’t drying your skin out.

Q: How do I care for sensitive skin?

A: Sensitive skin is trickier to take care of. Finding the right products for you can be a challenge. When shopping, look for these key words: “Hypoallergenic”, “Fragrance-Free”, and “Sensitive Skin”. These products will be better able to serve your skin type. If you need something that is chemical free, you’ll want to stay away from drugstore brands and opt for brands like Everclen, a hypoallergenic skin care line.

Look for:

  • Fragrance-Free moisturizer

  • Alcohol-Free moisturizer and toner

  • Smoothing face washes

  • Light masks such as a milk base

CJ LaRose is a Senior Supervisor and Bookkeeper at The Healthy Grocer. She is passionate about gardening and living a healthy lifestyle.

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