DIY Deodorant Spray

If you are a fan of spray deodorants and wondered how complicated it would be to make your own, I have great news for you. It’s not complicated at all. Plus, you can have fun creating your personalized scent.


  • 5 tsp Witch Hazel

  • 5 tsp Distilled Water

  • ½ tsp Vegetable Glycerine

  • 15 drops of Essential Oils*

*Blend Suggestions:

  • Earthy – 5 drops Bergamot, 5 drops Rosemary, 3 drops Sage, 2 drops Vetiver

  • Floral – 5 drops Frankincense, 5 drops Lavender, 3 drops Tea Tree, 2 drops Ylang Ylang

  • Fresh – 2 drops Cedarwood , 5 drops Grapefruit, 5 drops Lemon, 3 drops Peppermint


Use at least 3 drops of Tea Tree or Lemon or Sage Essential Oil in order to help with odor control. The rest is up to you – have fun experimenting.


Combine all the ingredients in a glass spray bottle. Leave to synergize 3 days before using.

Nancy Mayne is the Director of Wellness for The Healthy Grocer. Nancy’s interest in natural remedies began as a little girl watching her Grandmother make salves and oils using herbs from their garden. After receiving her B.A. in French, B.S. in Management Sciences from University of Rhode Island and M.A. from Penn State University in French, her studies led her to live over 15 years in France, India, Thailand and Ireland. During this time, Nancy earned certifications in 17 forms of healing arts with over 2,000 hours training in these modalities. Certifications include, but are not limited to, Holistic Massage with Waterford College, Traditional Thai Yoga Massage with Shivagakomarpaj and Sunshine School of Massage, Ayurveda from College of Ayurveda and Panchakarma and more.

Herbs and energy work have remained a focus for her. She makes most of her household cleaners and beauty products herself, and holds seasonal workshops.

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