Bubbly Fermented Tea Supports Health

Kombucha is part of a growing fermented foods and drinks trend in the U.S. It's no wonder why with its host of health benefits. A fermented drink, Kombucha is made from sugar and tea (oolong, green, black or white). During the fermentation process, a Scoby is created. The jelly-like mass a symbiotic culture of yeast and bacteria that protects kombucha from bad bacteria. Sound familiar? Our own microbiome is comprised of good bacteria in our gut that supports our wellbeing and protects our body from bad bacteria.

This bubbly beverage is packed with B vitamins, antioxidants, Vitamin C, enzymes, amino acids and polyphenols. It is also packed with probiotics (those microscopic good-bacteria-warriors supporting our immune health and digestive tract). Whether people turn to kombucha for its detoxifying, energizing and immune supportive properties, its unique taste is sure to keep you coming back for more.

Kombucha has been brewed and consumed for over two millennia, originating in Asia. "Mongol warriors in the armies of Genghis Khan drank fermented beverages to fuel them on military campaigns," shares Mobtown Fermentation. "Merchants travelling the Silk Road introduced kombucha to India, Japan and Russia. Because of the many health benefits associated with drinking kombucha, the tea quickly became customary in many households across Asia. As a result of its rapid spread, kombucha became known by several different names including Tea Kvass, Mushroom Tea, Miracle Tea, and Elixer of Long Life."

Today, kombucha is often brewed with the addition of fruit and fruit juices, expanding its therapeutic benefits and flavors. No matter what name it goes by, what fruit is added, or how bubbly you like your brew, kombucha seems to be a powerful ally in good health.

"The Samurai class were particularly fond of kombucha. They considered it a form of Chi, a revitalizing life force, and would carry flasks of it into battle," adds Mobtown Fermentation.


The Healthy Grocer launched Kombucha on Tap in August in celebration of its 20th Anniversary. Continuing the mission to offer area residents healthy options, along with staying ahead of trends in the marketplace, The Healthy Grocer also maintains its commitment to building partnerships with local and regional small businesses. The locally brewed wild kombucha, now served on tap, is made in small batches each week by Mobtown Fermentation, a small business in Baltimore County, Maryland. This partnership brings Mobtown's kombucha to Pennsylvania for the first time, while The Healthy Grocer becomes the first in the area to offer Kombucha on Tap.

In addition to offering kombucha on tap, The Healthy Grocer has expanded its bottled kombucha section by introducing Clarks Cultures kombucha. Clarks Cultures is an organic, fermented food company specializing in kombucha tea based in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

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