Pairing Salami & Cheese

There are no shortages of ways that Salami can fit into your day, a snack on the trail, an evening social event, or simply watching a movie in the comfort of your home. As a snack, Salami can easily stand on their own, but we’ll give some examples for pairing Olli Salumeria Salami with different varieties of cheese.

There are a few things to keep in mind when pairing meat with cheese. Cheese tends to be very bold and strong in flavor, mixing cheese with another bold flavor like Salami requires some consideration. Meats, especially aged and fermented meat, along with cheese can both be strong from the salts and fats, so it’s beneficial to pair with this in mind.

When selecting cheese it’s helpful to understand the flavor profile of the meat, if you’re pairing a cheese with something like the Spicy Calabrese Salami, you’d want to pair it with something less bold or complimentary in flavor rather than a competing flavor profile.

Cheddar is a very diverse cheese, ranging in color from pale-yellow to orange and can range in flavor profile from mellow to sharp depending on the process and added ingredients. For purposes of pairing, we’ll refer to bold Cheddar, this type of Cheddar tends to be more crumbly and crystallized in appearance from having been aged longer than 6 months. Cheddar will pair well with many of Salami products but here are the top picks:

WILD BOAR - Applewood Smoked, Earthy Flavor Profile

NAPOLI - Applewood Smoked, Earthy Flavor Profile

Brie, named after the French region it originates from, is typically pale and sometimes grey or off-white in color. This cheese is an unpasteurized cheese, with roots in France although many other varieties exist today. The flavor character of Brie varies largely on ingredients and conditions in which it’s made, here are a few selections for Salami that pairs well with the more commonly pungent variety of Brie.

CHORIZO - Classic Spanish Flavor Profile (Coming soon!)

TOSCANO - Fennel Flavor Profile

We didn’t intentionally select a Goat Cheese for our lactose intolerant readers, but it does serve an option since all previous options are commonly made with cow’s milk. Goat Cheese or Chevre, has very unique flavor profiles with earth like tones and sometimes tart or tangy flavors. This cheese comes in many different shapes and sizes, ranging from soft to hard and from logs to pyramids and anything in between. The flavors are suited for a mix of different Salami options, here are the top picks.

PEPPERONI - Classic American Flavor Profiles

Article reprinted with changes from Olli Salumeria.

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