Michael's Naturopathic Programs Supplements Are Now at The Healthy Grocer

The Healthy Grocer is proud to welcome Michael's Naturopathic Programs supplements. President of Michael's® Naturopathic Programs, has worked in the natural food industry since 1975 as a sales rep, a retailer, teacher and naturopathic counselor and as a producer of nutritional supplements and other products.

His first naturopathic formulas designed to nourish and support the body in its natural return to harmony and good health, were created originally for family, friends and clients. These naturopathic formulas and the nearly 100 products offered today, are designed to be synergistically complete. They contain all the nutrients in the right amounts plus the proper combinations to produce optimal results.

Michael also pioneered gender-specific supplements, inspired by formulas he created for his wife and children in 1987.

His belief in the principles of naturopathy has led him to rule out offering anything not in the true spirit of health, such as hormone-based or glandular-containing products or fads. Michael's® Naturopathic Programs uses only "tried and true" formulas based on basic principles of healing.

Naturopathy traces its roots to Greek, European, and Chinese medical traditions. It shares the beliefs from these ancient cultures of an underlying life force - a force that, when nourished, allows the body to heal itself. Simply put, it is a system best described as "Following the Path of Nature". It uses traditional healing modalities found in nature from around the world. Since its inception nutrition has been the mainstay of naturopathic methods, often employing herbs as medicines. True naturopathy is a form of healing that looks at health and disease from a very different perspective and employs the basic elements of earth, water, air, sunshine and nutrients in their most natural states to achieve its goals.

The underlying principle of naturopathy, "to heal in harmony with the natural functions of the body without harm," highlights its appeal. This harmony is exactly what sets it apart from conventional Western/Allopathic methods - it is also what distinguishes it from what it is often confused with, the better-known "homeopathic" medicine. While both systems share a deep commitment in treating the cause of the disease, homeopathy is a system of medicine based on the concept that "like cures like," stimulating the body into a healing responsive mode.

Michael's® Naturopathic Programs, established in 1984, is known for formulas based on naturopathic principles. Almost exclusively vegetarian and kosher; no artificial binders or excipients; wheat-free, gluten-free, and sugar-free always. Our products are in many cases vegan. Organic ingredients may be used when available and reliable. We are committed to the traditional natural foods industry and its healthy longevity.

His mission statement is "Dedicated to healing the world, one person at a time by eliminating the interference of disease."

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