Fair Trade Month: What is Fair Trade & How You Can Make a Difference

What is Fair Trade?

Fair Trade is a movement of farmers, workers, businesses and consumers working to create justice in our global supply chain.

  • Long-term direct trading relationships

  • Payment of fair prices

  • No child, forced or otherwise exploited labor

  • Workplace non-discrimination, gender equity and freedom of association

  • Democratic and transparent organizations

  • Safe working conditions and reasonable work hours

  • Investment in community development projects

  • Environmental sustainability

  • Traceability and transparency

How To Choose Authentic Fair Trade Products

1. Look for full company commitment, like membership organizations and strong fair trade certifications, to distinguish products made by dedicated fair trade brands.

2. Avoid bad actors. Don’t buy from corporate bad actors who happen to have a few fair trade products.

3. Look beyond certifications. Learn which brands positively impact the communities where they operate and purchase from.

4. Read labels. Determine what ingredients and what percentage of ingredients in the product are certified fair trade.

5. Be an activist. Ask your local grocer to carry more authentic fair trade products and get involved with policy change

What Is Authentic Fair Trade?

Authentic fair trade brands establish long term, direct trading relationships with small scale farmers and producers. They ensure every product manufactured includes fairly traded ingredients, and put communities at the forefront of their trading model. Authentic fair trade brands work with farmer organizations to empower communities to be sustainable and healthy. Money generated from the sale of fair trade ingredients helps communities build schools, plant trees, provide medical care, and so much more. Your purchase is powerful!

To learn more about Fair Trade and Fair Trade month, visit Fair World Project.

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