Creating a Story with Cheese

When I was in my early 20's, a friend of mine and I embraced the art of entertaining - particularly hosting dinner parties. I always veered towards complicated dishes and multiple courses, while she believed that the act of simple, flavorful foods, served on nice plates would create a memorable evening. One thing we agreed on was the importance of a good cheese tray.

Dinner parties and gatherings are a way for us create a shared experience, a story through food. Look to build a tray with a combination of hard and soft cheeses, both mild and bold flavors. Sprinkle in fresh, organic fruit. After a remarkable experience with cheese in Paris, I have amended my cheese trays to have fig jam and arugula with a homemade dressing and walnuts sprinkled on top.

One of the most talented cheese makers in the country, The Farm at Doe Run, located in Chester County, Pennsylvania, is crafting your next food story.

"The Farm at Doe Run is based on the philosophy of simple sustainable farming. Our state, national and international award winning creamery team lead by our two talented cheesemakers, Samuel Kennedy and Matthew Hettlinger work to produce creative, quality farmstead cheeses," says the farm.

"We are honored to have received such high recognition for our farm and creamery team this year. Seven Sisters has won Gold, Best of Show for the great state of PA for two years in a row and St. Malachi Reserves just won second place Best of Show for all of USA & Canada. Both Seven Sisters and St. Malachi Reserves won Gold at the 2016 World Cheese Awards in San Sebastian, Spain."

It's no surprise The Farm at Doe Run produces award-winning cheeses. Aside from their attention to hand-crafted, aged cheese, Doe Run raises their cows on a diet of 98.5% grass and flora with a treat at milking time (locally grown oats and barley). Their cows graze on untreated pastures enriched by mushroom compost from a neighboring farm. Plus, all of Doe Run's cows are Antibiotic and Growth Hormone free.

And if they have not won us all over enough, The Farm at Doe Run is a do-good business.

"We take great pride in our products to reflect the bounty of the seasons, while being true stewards of the land. We love supporting Stroud Water Research, and the work we do with them to help our waterways by planting over 1,200 trees yearly around Doe Run Creek."

If you are ready to entertain and looking for food with a story, stop in for The Farm at Doe Run's cheeses. Available in our Dairy case.

Seven Sisters

Aged in stone caves for 8 months, this award winning cheese develops a sweet buttery characteristic reminiscing of a Gouda style, balanced out by a slight acidity like you would find in a Cheddar and lovely touch of herbaceousness from our grass-fed milk. Made with low temperature vat pasteurized cow’s milk.

Gold, 2016 World Cheese Award Winner, World Cheese Awards.

Gold, Best of Show, 2015, 2016 & 2017 PA Cheese & 1st place, Semi-Soft Semi-Hard Cheese, 2017 PA Cheese Competition .

St. Malachi

Alpine and aged Gouda inspired cheese with a favorable flavor profile made with Jersey cow’s milk. The paste is smooth yet firm with flavors reminiscent of roasted nuts, dried fruits, toffee, and buttered toast.

Made with low temperature vat pasteurized cow’s milk.

1st place, Swiss and Alpine Style, 2016

PA Cheese Competition

Gold, 2016 World Cheese Award Winner, World Cheese Awards (St. Malachi Reserves)

1st place, American Cheese Society Awards 2016 (St. Malachi Reserves)

Blow Horn

This is a one-of-a-kind take on a Tomme de Tarentaise made with Jersey cow's milk and a lovely salt content. Lactic, aged, rustic, a nice mineral note, just simply amazing. Sliceable and show-stopping. A barrel of fun that is aged in two different caves on the farm. Made with low temperature vat pasteurized cow’s milk


A pasteurized French Neufchâtel style made with 100% Jersey cow’s milk that adds an extra buttery flavor to the lactic creamy paste. Produced in a Bûcheron log with a bloomy rind that adds an earthy and slightly mineral like flavor to the fresh winter milk. Made seasonally with low temperature vat pasteurized cow’s milk. Aged for 9 days in their caves and will continue to ripen for 6 weeks.

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