Rest easy: Your bedtime beauty checklist

Before you go to bed, treat yourself to a mini spa experience that will help you feel more refreshed and beautiful in the morning.

Approach beauty holistically – from morning to night. Before you go to bed, treat yourself to a mini spa experience that will help you feel more refreshed and beautiful in the morning. Here’s your bedtime beauty checklist:

Use an oil-based cleanser

Cleaning with oil may seem counterintuitive, but oil-based cleansers are actually one of the best ways to clear your skin—and your mind. When you slowly massage the oils into the skin, they bind to and remove impurities, without washing away all of those healthy oils that keep you looking luminous. Plus, the process is meditative—the perfect way to unwind after a long day.

Treat hair overnight

For hair that’s in need of deep, deep moisturizing, don’t be afraid to leave a plant-based hair mask on overnight. Look for ingredients such as avocado, coconut oil and argan oil that contain healthy fats and loads of nutrients to replenish hair.

Let it all sink in

Evenings are the best time for restorative facial treatments, too. Identify problem areas (frown lines? crow’s-feet?); then choose a rich, therapeutic product that skin can soak up as you sleep. These products may be too heavy for daytime use; plus, they don’t tend to contain sunscreen, which you’ll need in your morning products.

Step away from your laptop

and your iPhone …. and your television, too. Although we’re still not sure that “computer face” is a thing, what we do know is that time in front of your screen can interfere with sleep, which is critical to collagen production. Choose a book instead of technology to support your beauty rest.

Embrace aromatherapy

Essential oils are the antidote to just about everything—from energy lulls to tough days in the office. One of the most beloved and research-backed calming ingredients is lavender, making it our longtime go-to for incorporating into a bedtime beauty routine as a soothing bath, eye pillow or nourishing skin oil.

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