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Browsing the aisles of The Healthy Grocer, you may notice quite a few new brands on our
shelves. From essential oils to bamboo sponges to delicious dips, we've got you covered with
the best of the best in the natural foods industry.
Nestled in among the pristine waterways and riparian forest of the Pacific Northwest, resides a charmingly wholesome farm and apiary dedicated to bringing you the finest collection of Organically & Biodynamically produced Calendula skincare. This wonder-plant is also known as “the flower of the sun.”
The chemical compounds in calendula’s resin include: many fatty acid esters, carotenoids including Vitamin A in the form of beta-carotene, lutein (it’s golden color) and lycopene, flavonoids (antioxidants that protect cells against damage), quercetin (anti-inflammatory), rutin (antioxidant), ubiquinone (CoQ10), iodine and manganese.

Ancient Nutrition Essential Oils

From the creator of Ancient Nutrition and Dr. Axe brand products, Dr. Josh Axe brings us Ancient Apothecary.

Ancient Apothecary is a line of fermented adaptogenic Mushroom and Herbal blends as well as (wait for it..) certified organic essential oils and a wide variety at that! These products contain the finest quality raw materials, aimed at nourishing our bodies using the ancient wisdom of the earth.

Bitchin' Sauce

Craving hummus, but beans got you feeling a little...full? Then look no farther than Bitchin' Sauce, a line of vegan, gluten free, almond based dips in adventurous flavors like chipotle and pesto.


Naturez way is an environmentally friendly company that provides eco-friendly products and practical solutions to current environmental problems caused by consumer products. Their Earth to Earth product philosophy makes sure they are able to address our planet's limited resources while delivering the safest products to consumers. Their line includes compostable trash bags, bamboo sponges, and bamboo “paper” towels.

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