Staff Picks: August Favorites

Our staff share with you a few of their favorite products in this month.

JD Weigle

Wellness Buyer


The latest product to warm my heart is Ancient Apothecary's Organic Turmeric Essential Oil. Turmeric Root is packed with powerful curcuminoids and turmerones, known for their ability to support lowering the overall inflammation response. This we know, but I was shocked at how valuable of an aromatherapy ingredient it proves to be!

The oil has muted notes of spicy black pepper, crisp earthiness, and rich island farm-soil warmed by the sun. Blend this glowing golden root-nectar with other strong aromatics such as Ginger, Black Pepper, and Balsam Fir (a personal favorite) for a primal plant-based cologne. If you choose to take a purist approach, blending a few drops of this oil with a palm full of carrier oil will make a great muscle and joint rub on its own.

*This oil is very GOLDEN YELLOW and will stain your furniture/clothing if care is not taken.

Manuela Saxman

Grocery Buyer


With fun Flavors to dip, spread or smother, my pick of the month is Bitchin' Sauce! This Keto friendly sauce goes with everything! I like to use it as a spread for my wraps (low carb of course!), or as a dip for my veggies. With flavors like Chipotle and Chili Lime, I never get bored.

Leigh Chrismer

Assistant Buyer

SUPERNOLA GRANOLA 1.5 oz and 10 oz sizes

If you're tired of the same old granola formula, give Supernola a try. Their unique flavors, such as Dragonfruit Lemon and Pineapple Ginger, will satisfy a more adventurous palette. I love it as a snack on the go or as just one part of a nutritious breakfast or lunch. Best of all, as a certified Paleo food it is Dairy, Grain, and Gluten Free. It's also full of energy-sustaining nuts and seeds. They even sneak some superfoods in there such as Red Maca Powder and Hemp seeds to really pack a nutrient dense punch. Find your favorite flavor and learn to love granola all over again!

Susan Kiskis

General Manager


Last year I worked with our chef to create a summer-inspired wrap using Zucchini (since we all know how much Zucchini we all have in our gardens this time of year). We looked at keeping the wrap simple yet create a decadent flavor.

When we launched it last summer as a special, it quickly rose to the top of our best sellers list. We continued it again the following month, and the next. It continued to be a shining star. It's now a permanent rotator in our To Go Case and ready for you to eat. We hope it inspires your home recipes, as well!

Stop in, buy one for yourself, and since tomorrow is, Sneak a Zucchini onto Your Neighbor's Porch Day, maybe give this wrap instead.

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