What is GORP?

Inspired by the acronym coined by 1960's backpackers for trail mix, Good Old Raisins & Peanuts, GORP is a clean, all natural energy bar made in Canada.

Each bar contains protein for power, fiber and Omega-3 for health, and antioxidants for recovery. They only source the best ingredients for GORP bars… no junk, no fake sugars, soy, or preservatives. They’re always made in small batches by hand.

Protein – GORP bars contain no whey or soy. The protein comes from sprouted brown rice protein, hemp, and nuts.The 11 grams of plant-based protein in every bar will help replenish, repair, and grow your hardworking muscles. Fiber – GORP bars contain 6 grams of dietary fiber – that’s 24% of your daily-recommended intake! You can purchase pills and highly processed bran bars to ramp up your fiber intake, but why not eat a GORP bar and benefit from the protein, Omega-3, antioxidants, and long-lasting energy while you’re at it! Omega-3 – for heart health and a host of other benefits, 1 full gram of Omega-3 will keep your skin looking ever so supple as well.

Extra Mile Ingredient Sourcing Extra mile ingredient sourcing means that they don’t just price out the cheapest ingredients possible, throw them together, and call it an energy bar. You won’t find any high fructose corn syrup in GORP bars; instead they use honey that comes right off their own canola fields. They found beautiful organic dark chocolate chips, not the cheap waxy versions. The makers of GORP want to stand behind their products with pride, so they go the extra mile to source the freshest, highest-quality ingredients they can possibly find.

Meal Replacement and Weight Management Combine a GORP bar with a protein shake and you’ve got a stellar recipe for muscle repair and formation, in addition to some REAL FOOD to put in your stomach to keep you full and give you some healthy fats, minerals, and vitamins…all from whole foods.

Looking for a quick and healthy meal while watching calories? A GORP bar and bag of veggies or piece of fruit will do the trick nicely. Let’s face it: if you don’t feel full, you can’t win. Skipping meals isn’t a long-term solution. Plus, you don’t want your body going into famine mode and hanging onto all the bad fat. If you can convince your body that it is going to get the fat it needs, it won’t hang onto it so readily. Sweet!

Why They Don’t Add Vitamins They don’t add vitamins because they figured that you are the best one to decide what multi-vitamin is right for you. Plus, with all the cheap crud out there, they didn’t want to fool around with it. They specialize in great tasting clean energy bars. Vitamins aren’t their passion or forte, so they thought they’d leave that to the experts. The vitamins you get from GORP bars are the ones that nature chose to put in the awesome ingredients they use.

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