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We have been so happy to partner with many local farmers this year. In addition to our annual partner Lancaster Farm Co-op, we have been buying fresh organic vegetables from Dickinson College Farm and Good Keeper Farm. Our main produce distributor during the year was also sourcing locally from around Pennsylvania, and regionally from New York and New Jersey.

We know that when we are able to purchase produce locally, we not only support our local economy and support farmers in our area, but we also support our health by reducing the carbon footprint. We want to thank you for your continued help in our goal to shop locally.

Produce is dependent on environmental circumstances, as well as many people along the way. From the farmers and pickers to the packers, truck drivers, warehouse staff, and more, we have so many people to thank for our food each day. Due to environmental circumstances such as seasonality, rain, fire, and storms, produce can be more difficult to acquire during different times of the year. Both people and the environment can stabilize the market, or drive prices due to crop issues.

In mid-August, lightening started a fire near Salinas, California. This was right near farmers and produce facilities. That fire has created road closures, ash on lettuce, delays at the facilities, and field workers who are wisely avoiding picking due to the poor air quality. (One of our partners has shared this video with us to see what the skies look like right now:

As Pennsylvania moves into fall crops, we will see more produce coming from warmer parts of the country, as well as other parts of the globe.

Thanks to our friends at Four Seasons Produce, we have an update for you on what is happening in the organic produce marketplace.

Organic Blueberries: Tight supplies due to heat issues in the Northwest will drive prices up.

Organic Strawberries: High heat has also effected strawberries. Tight supplies will also effect prices and quality won't be as stellar as we've seen.

Organic Red Bell Peppers: Prices remain high for those coming in from the Netherlands and Canada due to import issues related to Covid-19 (limited flights). We are still sourcing local for as long as we can to avoid these issues.

Organic Broccoli: Coming in from the West Coast and Canada, we are seeing tightening supplies and increased prices. Issues vary from weather, to not enough labor, and an increase in demand. Expect to see imports from Mexico to help balance the supply chain.

Organic Cucumbers: The past few years have yielded poor cucumber crops. This year, the heat created issues and now with cooler temperatures coming in, crop production is decreasing. Alternative Euro Cumbers are still tight as Canada is seeing quality issues and having labor issues. We are still sourcing local for as long as the season holds out.

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