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Weather in Pennsylvania is cooling off as we head into Autumn. Fall crops are being grown while summer crops like tomatoes and melons are having their final hurrah. As this transition happens, we will see produce that relies on warmer temperatures come from California and Florida, along with other temperate climates across the globe.

As we mentioned last week, a wide variety of environmental factors contribute to where produce comes from and fluctuations in the marketplace of availability and cost. The fires in California are creating incredible challenges for many farmers and produce pickers. We continue to order as much locally as the season permits.

Thanks to our friends at Four Seasons Produce, we have an update for you on what is happening in the organic produce marketplace.

Avocado: California is still producing a good bit of fruit, Florida is expecting a good season. Peru and Mexico are having issues with their supplies which is driving up pricing a bit.

Bell Peppers: Continue to be in tight supply due to these imports being at the mercy of limited flights due to Covid-19. This means continued higher prices and out of stocks. We will continue to source from our local farmers as long as the season holds out.

Blueberries: Tight supplies means increased cost. Most fruit will come from California, Washington, Oregon, Canada, or Mexico.

Broccoli: While cauliflower is doing well, it's family member, broccoli is having supply issues. Current crops are coming from California, Nevada, and Quebec and will shift to Mexico to help with limited product in the market.

Cucumbers: We are still struggling with organic cucumbers as we have for years. The increase in heat means poor yields and lots of out of stocks. Supplies of Organic Euro cucumbers from Canada also continue to face production issues due to quality and lack of labor. This will continue for September.

Lemons: Coming out of California and Mexico and starting to see some quality improvements. However, lemons continue to be small with some green. Prices will get better over the coming month.

Lettuce: We will see a continued rise in prices for Romaine and Green Leaf lettuces until Pennsylvania crops are ready for harvest. California and Quebec are the current source with more limited supplies. California is seeing limited supplies due to the wildfires.

Mango: Look for bigger fruit followed by a decline in availability as summer winds down and transitions begin.

Onions: We are still seeing great stock and prices! Coming from Pennsylvania and California, we are relived this staple is doing well. Look for some onions to come from Nevada in the near future.

Oranges: Valencias coming from California have been facing tight supplies due to quality issues. We will be switching to Navels in October when they become available.

Potatoes: Prices should drop mid-September for Russets with new harvests coming from Colorado, Idaho, and Pennsylvania. Red Potatoes are mostly coming from Washington and fairing well in supplies, quality, and price.

Strawberries: High heat continues to effect yields. Crop damage from heat means less supplies and higher prices. Strawberries will be very limited in October which means prices will double due to incredibly tight market.

Tomatoes: Changing temperatures means September will see the last of local tomatoes. We will continue to source locally from Lancaster for as long as possible.

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